Jerry Quarry Died For Our Sins

A tale of boxing, time travel, multiverses, quantum physics, love, loss, pain, redemption, and how you may think you are through with the past, but the past is never through with you.

On June 17, 1970, Jerry Quarry, the most popular fighter on the planet, knocked out unbeaten Mac Foster in Madison Square Garden. Before the main event, 15,915 fans and more than a dozen champions celebrated Jack Dempsey’s 75th birthday. But other things happened that night.

In the not-too-distant future, scientific breakthroughs allow a flamboyant boxing promoter to bring together “genetic holograms” of the sixteen greatest heavyweights in history, fighting on what was the best day of their careers to crown the Heavyweight Champion of the Multiverse. There’s just one glitch. Jack Dempsey can’t be found, and a former Golden Gloves fighter must rescue the tournament by revisiting events from the pivotal night of his life, a night that has haunted him for decades. Spanning 65 years across parallel worlds, “Jerry Quarry Died for Our Sins” is a postmodern genre-blender that poses a primal question many of us have asked ourselves: If we could journey to the past and change just one thing, what would that one thing be?

About the author
Al Walentis, a recovering journalist, is an author, educator, instigator, wag. He was in the audience at the Garden for Jack Dempsey's 75th birthday celebration and the Quarry-Foster fight. His prior works include "The Secret World of Jon and Kate: The Stupidest Story in the History of the Universe and the People Who Covered It.” He teaches writing and film studies.

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